Nutrition: I am What I Eat!

What we eat has a direct correlation to why we eat. If you are an emotional eater you eat to comfort yourself and may choose foods higher in carbohydrates and fat. If you are a serial dieter you may be eating to little food or limiting your choices resulting in a cycle of restriction followed by binging...Break bad habits by embracing the strength you have to change your life...

Individual Nutrition Counseling


Get a one on one dietary analysis for yourself, your spouse and/or children. What are you cooking? How? What is the correlation between your diet and your current health status. IF you are diabetic, hypertensive, have heart or kidney disease this session is a must. Why do you have certain cravings?


Perhaps you are just trying to refine elements of your diet, thinking about becoming vegetarian, vegan? Preparing for a marathon or modifying your diet during training.  Learn the impact of those choices for you.



Group Classes


Healthy Cooking


Join a small group as we explore different styles and tastes of cooking. See how healthy eating can be achieved through a number of cultural tastes (Carribean, Mexican, Asian, American and African American Cuisines). Try vegetarian or vegan recipes and walk away knowing how to prepare your favorite dishes.


Healthy Shopping


Learn to read food labels and what they mean to you.



"Shop so you don't drop" class
Community Trip:


Join our nutritionist for a shopping trip at a local grocery store. Understand how to read nutritional labels. Learn the tricks of food marketing, product placement and be able to recognize false health claims on the store shelves.

Let our nutritionist and/or chef show you great tasting low cost options/substituions for foods you may be craving.