Adult Care


Put Yourself On Your List!


As adults with busy schedules and too many responsibilites, we often forget to care for ourselves. Getting our annual physical exam and taking the time during that exam to discuss our goals, stresses and supports. Women taking time to get bi-annual well women exams but also recognizing that they have needs beyond their reproductive concerns. Men often put off visits to their healthcare provider sometimes ignoring significant signs of discomfort, stress or ill health.


At Core Health and Wellness Center, our providers understand the challenge you have in balancing health and wellness goals with the reality of everyday survival. Our practice focuses on assisting you in setting and attaining realistic goals while pushing yourself to your greatest state of well-being.


For our patients with chronic medical illnesses (diabetes, asthma, heart disease, cancers, HIV, arthritis...) we work intensly with them to integrate traditional therapies with alternative solutions with a goal maximizing the quality of each day. You are not your disease...